Explain The Step In Subtracting The Polynomials Below. (7x3 X 5) (3x3+ 5x -1). (2023)

Mathematics Middle School


Answer 1


It subtracts

Step-by-step explanation:

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What is 4 divided by 2.92




Step-by-step explanation:

4/2.92 ≈ 1.37

Tell me which number is greater 16% or 0.108​


16% is definitely greater

ANWSER NOW A shopping mall has a moving sidewalk that takes shoppers from the shopping area to the parking garage, a distance of 220 ft. If your normal walking rate is 6 ft/s and the moving sidewalk is traveling at 4 ft/s, how many seconds would it take for you to walk from one end of the moving sidewalk to the other end?



It would take 22 seconds to walk from one end of sidewalk to the other.

Step-by-step explanation:

i) distance from the shopping area to the parking garage = 220 feet

ii) normal walking rate = 6 ft / second

iii) moving sidewalk = 4 ft/second

iv) total speed therefore = 6 + 4 = 10 ft/second

v) number of seconds to walk from one end of sidewalk to the other

= 220 ft / (10 ft/second) = 22 seconds.

What is 2 2/3×2 1/12


6.66666666667 is the answer


Step-by-step explanation:

(2 2/3) * ( 2 2/12)

Use a benchmark fraction to compare the fractions 7/10 and 5/12.explain how yolu found your answer.


Using bench mark fraction, we found

is larger than


Benchmark fractions are created when we make two different fractions have the same numerator or denominator

Here given fractions are:

In this case, we can make the denominator same

Find L.C.M for denominators 10 and 12

List all prime factors for each number.

The prime factor of 10 = 2 x 5

The prime factor of 12 = 2 x 3 x 2

For each prime factor, find where it occurs most often as a factor and write it that many times in a new list.

The new superset list is

2, 2, 3, 5

Multiply these factors together to find the LCM.

LCM = 2 x 2 x 3 x 5 = 60

Thus make the denominator as 60

When, the denominators are same, the fraction with the larger numerator has a larger value


\frac{25}{60}" alt="\frac{42}{60} > \frac{25}{60}" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

Thus, is larger than

What equation of a circle with center (7,0) with radius 3.




Step-by-step explanation:

A hog, a dog, and a frog all want to cross a bog. The hog slogs across at a speed of five feet per second. The dog logs at a time of 20 minutes for its crossing. The dog hogs across twice as fast as the hog but half as fast as the dog. What is the distance in feet across the hog? Also in yards?


This question is unanswerable because the sentence: the dog hogs across twice as fact as the hog but half as fast as the dog.

What do we do with the coefficients and exponents when we are multiplying polynomials?


You have to multiply the coefficient and add the exponents of the variables

8(x-y); use x=5, and y=2


The answer is 24



Step-by-step explanation:

A fraction the is equivalent to 7/4 with a denominator of 40




Step-by-step explanation:




(a) Reflect the point (0, 3) across the y-axis:
(b) Reflect the point (0, 3) across the x-Lyis:


Answer: A reflection can be thought of as folding or "flipping" an object over the line of reflection. ... Reflections in the coordinate plane: Reflect over the x-axis: When you reflect a point across the x-axis, the x-coordinate remains the same, but the y-coordinate is transformed into its opposite (its sign is changed).

Step-by-step explanation:

Prime factorization of 320​


The number 320 can be written as its prime factor as 2x2x2x2x2x2x5 after using long division.

What is the number?

A number is a mathematical entity that can be used tob, measure, or name things. For example, 1, 2, 56, etc. are the numbers.

It is given that:

The number is:


As we know, the arithmetic operation can be defined as the operation in which we do the addition of numbers, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It has basic four operators that is +, -, ×, and ÷.

Using long division:

The number 320 can be written as its prime factor:

320 =2x2x2x2x2x2x5

Thus, the number 320 can be written as its prime factor as 2x2x2x2x2x2x5 after using long division.

Learn more about the number here:




Prime Factorization of 320. The prime factorization of 320 is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 5.

Step-by-step explanation:

After paying 9 dollars for the pie, Jessica has 68 dollars left, how much money did she have before being the pie.​




Step-by-step explanation:


away 68 and 9 you get 58 dollars

Wouldn’t it be 77??? Because that’s the amount of money she had before paying 9 dollars for the pie and when you subtract 9 then you get 68.

A highway whose primary directions are north-south is being constructed along the west coast of Florida. Near Naples, a bay obstructs the straight path of the road. Since the cost
of a bridge is prohibitive, engineers decide to go around the bay. The illustration shows the path that they
decide on and the measurements taken. What is the length of highway needed to go around the bay?


East because it is the dimesndion of the quadrilateral

How is the graph of y = 4x2 + 1 different from the graph of y = 4x2? It is shifted 1 unit up.
It is shifted 1 unit down.
It is shifted 1 unit left.
It is shifted 1 unit right.

If someone could help me that would be awesome this is due tomorrow



It is shifted 1 unit down.

Step-by-step explanation:

Jan takes 9 hours to paint 2 desk top. At this rate, how long will it take her to paint 15 desk top?



the answer is 67 hours and 5 hours


67.5 hour

Step-by-step explanation:

because 2 times 7 is 14 which is 14 desk tops and 63 hour and 1 desk top will take 4.5 so then you add 4.5 to 63 and you get 67.5

I'm a election 4713 people voted candidate B received 2 thirds of the votes. How many votes did candidate b receive




Step-by-step explanation:

4713 x 2/3

Plz I need help


- 2 b (a + c) would be the answer when simplifying the given expression

Step-by-step explanation:

Given expression:

a b + b c - 3 a b - 3 b c

To simplify the given equation, first we should see for the common term presented (split and consider into two) as below,

"a b + b c" in this 'b' seems to be common. So, we can write this as

b ( a + c) -------> eq. 1

"- 3 a b - 3 b c" in this '3 b' seems to be common. So, we can write this as

- 3 b ( a + c) -------> eq. 2

Combine both eq.1 and 2, we get

==> b ( a + c) - 3 b ( a + c)

In above, b (a + c) is common. Hence, further simplied as below

==> (b (a + c)) (1 -3)

==> ( b (a + c)) (- 2)

==> - 2 b ( a + c)

P-6 greater than or equal to 3



p ≥ 9

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Put words into equation

p-6 greater than or equal to 3 = p-6≥3

2. Solve


+6 +6


I hope that helped!

Is 5/6 greater than less than or equal to 33/42



5/6 is less than 33/42

Step-by-step explanation:

find a common denominator, 42

5/6= 35/42

35/42 > 33/42

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